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Turkey Flag of Turkey Coat of Arms of Turkey On the map

General General rank 7 ▬ Country power 871 Anthem Independence March (İstiklâl Marşı) Motto "Peace at Home, Peace in the World" Capital Marmara Alliance Syndicate Demographics Language Turkish Population 2,814 ▼ Average level 27 Politics President LawyeR.. Party VANDALS Dictator LawyeR.. Military unit National Security Council - TR Political titles vCP napan jr MoD Witch King. MoFA tahaua Governor deli ormanli MoEd ufukkse Economics Currency Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkish Lira (TRY) Minimum salary Flag-Turkey.jpg 1.00 TRY ▬ Average salary Flag-Turkey.jpg 82.51 TRY ▲ Food bonus 90% Weapon bonus 70% House bonus 0% Aircraft bonus 0% Military Territories 8


Turkey(Turkish: Türkiye, German: Türkei, Spanish: Turquía, Arabic: تركيا Toorkiyya, Russian: Турция Turtsiya, Мacedonian:Турција, Albanian: Turqia) is a strongest nation with most population.

The original territory of Turkey is composed of several regions: Aegean Coast of Turkey, Black Sea Coast of Turkey, Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia, Marmara, Mediterranean Coast of Turkey, and Southeastern Anatolia.