Declare war

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Declare war

Declare war is a law that can be proposed by the President of a country and is voted by Congress.

The law passes if, after 24 hours, it has a simple majority of "Yes" votes. After passing the law, a new war will be opened with the country war was declared to. The declarer has 24 hours to attack, else, at the end of the 24 hours time, a battle will be automatically started in one of the attackable regions.

War can be declared to any country but if you do not share a common border you cannot attack their regions.When a country attacks another country they have 24 hours initiative to attack.The war will automatically end after 30 days even if there is no winner. Note:If a country has no regions no one can declare war on them.

Countries having an active mutual protection pact can't declare war on each other.


Declaration of war:20 treasury gold